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Board of Directors

CMHA Kootenays has a nine-person board of directors and uses the Carver model of governance. Directors are elected at an Annual General Meeting, held each June, and may remain on the board for a two year term before they must be re-elected. Interested volunteers are encouraged to contact us.

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Corporate Responsibility

The Board of Directors is responsible for corporate governance of the organization, on behalf of the membership, and is accountable under the Societies Act of British Columbia.

It is the responsibility of the board to:

Corporate Statement

The success of the organization in meeting the needs of its clients is determined, in large measure, by the deliberations, actions, and policy formulations of its governing Board. In that regard, the Board of Directors, who have collective responsibility for the organization’s management in the broadest sense, also hold particular individual responsibility to conduct their personal affairs in an appropriate manner.

Thus, corporately the board is responsible for:

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