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The Association respects the rights of children, individuals, and families to be heard, informed, and involved in decision making in matters affecting them. In keeping with this, all consumers of Association services and, in the case of minors, their parents / guardians have the right to grieve or complain about any Association decisions or actions which directly impact them.

Consumers of service should be informed of the Association’s complaints procedures during their orientation to services. Allegations of misconduct, poor practice, or violation of client rights by Association personnel are to be reported to the program supervisor without delay. Complaints of physical or sexual abuse of children are to be reported to MCFD and, where required, Licensing Authority and / or the Police. All other complaints are to be investigated by the Program Supervisor.


At the time of orientation all consumers of service and, where applicable, their parent(s) / guardian(s) will be informed of their ability to express concerns or complaints. Staff should explain to consumers of service that they may grieve an internal decision or complain about an action by taking their complaint to any of the following:

Parents, guardians, social workers, other professionals, and others representing a client have the right and are encouraged to voice their questions, concerns or complaints. Clients, family members, or other advocates have the right to request to have anyone they wish present as a support person when making a complaint. It is the responsibility of the program supervisor to keep the senior supervisor and / or Executive Director informed of complaints. The program’s supervisor will investigate all allegations of infringements of rights. This investigation will be documented, and a copy will be sent to the Executive Director.

The Executive Director is to be informed immediately (as soon as he or she can be contacted by phone) of any serious allegations. If the complaint involves one or more staff members, the staff member(s) involved will be informed as soon as possible that a complaint has been made.

The person(s) being accused will be given the opportunity to respond to the complaint. Serious breaches of professional conduct such as violence, being intoxicated while at work, illegal activity, sexual misconduct, etc., could result in immediate suspension pending investigation, and are dealt with as outlined in the Association’s Personnel Manual and in the Collective Agreement.

Complaints that do not entail a serious breach of professional conduct are dealt with or mediated by the program supervisor. A meeting is to be called involving the person making the complaint and anyone he / she wishes to have present, the staff member, and the supervisor.

Further Actions

If the situation is not satisfactorily resolved with the Executive Director, the client will have the right to approach the Board of Directors. Upon written request the Executive Director will ensure the client or his/her parent/guardian/advocate is provided with a date and time when they can meet with designated Board representatives to further discuss the situation.

If you need further information please contact the program supervisor from the program of which you received service.

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