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CMHA Kootenays donated CNOY funds

In February 2020, CMHA Kootenays hosted an in-person Coldest Night of the Year event.  Together with business sponsors, walkers, donors, and volunteers we raised over $34,000 for the homeless, hungry and hurting.  Those funds were used to purchase tents for the homeless through Salvation Army, assisted women and their children in relocating to safe housing and free them from their abuser, and purchased winter coats for persons served who needed to warmth due to homelessness.  With the remaining funds, CMHA donated $4300 to Community Connections Homeless Outreach and Homelessness Prevention Programs.

As the event is brought to us by Blue Sea Foundation and hosted locally by CMHA Kootenays, we have not yet received the CNOY 2021 funds.  When we do, we will be donating to other community partners who also serve those who are homeless, hungry and hurting.  We will announce the recipients in the fall 2021 as we gear up to host the 2022 CNOY.

Thank you to all who support, walk and donate to Coldest Night of the Year and helping us help others.

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