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Many thanks to Sunrise Rotary Donation

Many thanks to Sunrise Rotary Bingo Funds for the donation of $10,000.

CMHA Kootenays relies on donations and grants to support women and their children fleeing violence and abuse with basic needs when they enter into programming at Kootenay Haven Transition House.  Basic needs such as clean clothes, self care items such as shampoo, conditioner, and other hygiene products are often needed.  When women are coming into the Kootenay Haven Transition House, it is often an emergency situation and they leave everything behind and often arrive with the clothes they are wearing. We provide them with everything they need while staying at the house, and when they are ready to move on, we assist with items needed.

When women are moving into 2nd stage housing they do not have furniture or other household items. We have partnerships with local thrift stores, but often times they do not have what the women need to make their house comfortable. With donations such as this one from Sunrise Rotary, we can support women to find furniture, kitchen items, bedding, etc to make their house a home.

We stretch the donations and grants as far as we can to provide support to as many women as we can, so donations such as this are so important to the women we serve.  In the photo, left to right, Carey Fraser (Executive Director), Penny Coyle (Sunrise Rotary), Dave Savage (Sunrise Rotary) and Brooke Belkin (Director of Women and Youth Services).  We are so grateful to the Sunrise Rotary Bingo fund for this kind donation.  Thank you

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