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Mental Health Week May 6-12, 2024

This year the focus is on the importance of kindness and compassion with the theme Healing with Compassion.  Compassion is powerful!!  Compassion releases oxytocin, and can shift how we think, making us more positive about the the things around us. 

Extending compassion to others starts with extending it to ourselves.

What is self-compassion? It is the practice of treating ourselves with the same kindness and understanding we would offer a friend going through a difficult time. Too often we treat others better than ourselves or we offer compassion to others forgetting about ourselves.

Prioritizing your own well-being is important. The Crisis Center of BC offers some some simple mediations and mindfulness exercises as well as wellness courses to help navigate life’s challenges with ease and resilience.

To learn more benefits of compassion and how to cultivate more of it in workplaces and communities, download the toolkit from CMHA National site

What is Compassion?

A week of Compassion

Creating Compassionate Workplace Cultures

The Mental Health Impacts of Compassion

The Practice of Self-compassion

Today is our day to start “a call to be kind”.

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