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Crisis Line

If you are in crisis or need to talk, we are here to listen. For 24-hour help, call:

The Interior Crisis Line Network (ICLN) Cranbrook site has trained Crisis Line Responder volunteers and staff who can help with a variety of mental health issues such as suicide risk, stressors in relationships, and domestic violence. What determines a crisis depends on the individual, and we recognize that not all people deal with life’s stressors in exactly the same ways.

Crisis Line Responders are available to listen, help problem solve, and help make connections to community resources in the Interior Region of BC.

Last year, the ICLN Cranbrook site responded to more than 4000 crisis calls. That’s more than 330 calls a month.

Crisis Line and the Community

The Crisis Line has been in existence since the early seventies. What started as a simple service with a few good-hearted people has turned into a service with a comprehensive training program and community safeguards in place.

This program is now considered an ‘essential service’ in the region. We are striving to be an integral part of the Interior Region of BC by offering a 24-hour support system and safety net to those in crisis. We’ve also been part of a consultation team for clients with chronic mental illness, to ensure a strong support system is in place when things are not going well.

The Crisis Line exists through the wonderful efforts of our volunteers. All calls ensure confidentiality for the volunteer and caller. Volunteers are skilled at getting help to those in need.

For more information or to volunteer call 250-426-5222.

If you would like to view a copy of our annual report, please inquire at 250-426-5222 or email

BC’s Crisis Lines are funded by BC Mental Health and Substance Use Services, a program of the Provincial Health Services Authority, (PHSA). We are authorized to collect personal information for the purpose of providing crisis and support services to individuals under s. 26(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). Your information will be used for this purpose, and to ensure the quality of our services. For more information about your privacy, visit or email:

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