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Suicide Prevention Training

Helping people at risk of suicide

Suicide Prevention Training is designed to help make BC communities safer – and help save lives – by preparing key members of every community with skills to help people who are at risk of suicide. Facilitators are people who have been trained to recognize when someone could be at risk of suicide, talk with them, help keep them safe, and connect them to community supports and resources. They are trusted community members who often hold a position of responsibility in the community such as first responders, HR professionals, community service providers, Elders and spiritual leaders, coaches, teachers and others, and have regular contact with many adults or older adults. Facilitators follow curriculum shown to be effective at increasing knowledge, skill and willingness to intervene, as well as helping reduce the risk of suicide. Two levels of training are available:

Suicide Prevention Training is being offered on a fee-for-service basis. To learn more about this training to your community or workplace, please contact (250) 426-5222 or

LivingWorks Suicide Prevention training follows curriculum developed by LivingWorks Education. Funding provided by the BC Ministry of Health.

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