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Transitional Housing for Women and Children

Kootenay Haven Transition House is a temporary home for women and children fleeing violence or at risk of violence. We offer help 24 hours a day.

If you need help, please call us at 250-426-4887 or toll-free at 1-800-200-3003.

We offer safe short-term housing and support services to help women and their children who have experienced or are at risk of abuse, threats or violence. The transition house offers free, 24-hour support and consultation in a safe and secure home-like setting.

Our services include:

The home has 10 beds and service is provided on a highest-need, first-served basis. Fundamental to our services is respect for women’s rights to make choices based on their own understanding of their options.

Each year we help house and support over 100 women and children.

After completing program services, nearly all of participants who provided feedback said they were transitioning into a safer place to live, had an increased understanding of the cycle of violence, and felt more aware of and connected to community supports.

We also offer longer-term (usually up to 18 months) transitional housing and support services to women and their children who have experienced abuse through our Haven Gardens housing program.

Funding for the Kootenay Haven Transition House is provided by BC Housing.

Haven Gardens is 18 units of second stage housing, that provides short term housing and support (up to 18 months) to women and their children.  Intake is on a referral basis for women who want to rebuild their lives and live a violence free lifestyles.  For more information call (250) 417-2523.

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