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Youth Outreach

Our Youth Outreach programs help youth aged 12-18 work through common problems in an age-appropriate, youth friendly way.

We offer a variety of supportive services and can help build life-long skills for problem solving, communication, conflict resolution, building support systems, self-care and advocacy. Some areas we can help with include:

• Making friends and building healthy relationships
• Budgeting, nutrition and self-care
• Sexuality and sexual identity
• Drug and alcohol education
• Cultural involvement
• School
• Employment
• Goal setting and future planning
• Navigating medical, educational, and justice systems
• Independent living, foster care, and Youth Agreements

Youth Outreach is available in Cranbrook and Kimberley.

For referral and more information, please call 250-426-7477

Our Youth Outreach programs are funded by the Ministry of Children and Family Development and Interior Health.

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